Technology FAQ

Technical Support Process

The Technology Department works diligently to implement productive service offerings across the district. We are committed to providing quality service to all staff. It is our goal to increase productivity and self-reliance by offering immediate support via work order tickets.

Any staff may enter a work order directly in One to One Plus or contact their school level contact (CTC/ITF/Designated staff) to address any technical issue or concern. The CTC/ITF or designated staff can escalate the issue via entering a work order ticket into One to One Plus, where a technology technician will respond to correct the problem. Student learning is our priority and the Technology Department strives to prevent any downtime in instruction.

Listed below are common issues that staff/students are facing with their devices.  Please use these resources as a self-help option to quickly resolve your troubles.  If you continue to experience issues, please contact your school level CTC or ITF.

Request Support 

IAM Cloud (Homebase login)

CCS User Account Credentials (AD, Gmail, Zscaler, ...)


Online Testing


User Guides for the FORTINET IP Phones

Watch the video on how to change your VoiceMail pin.

FortiVoice User Portal 

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